Our Story

Our Origins

Identifying a market gap for short-term, flexible medical spaces, MediSquared emerged from my seven years of experience in commercial property, particularly in office and medical leasing. The rising demand for sessional consulting rooms, paired with the increasing availability of such spaces, highlighted a need for a more streamlined booking process, moving beyond traditional word-of-mouth methods. This revelation sparked a question: Could there be a more efficient, streamlined process for booking medical spaces?

Introducing MediSquared

Launched in 2021, MediSquared is an Australian startup reshaping the way medical spaces are utilised. As a pioneering online marketplace, we connect doctors, specialists, surgeons, and other healthcare practitioners with other medical professionals with available consulting rooms. Our mission is to offer a fast, simple, and reliable solution for booking and leasing sessional consulting rooms.

At MediSquared, our goal is to facilitate a hassle-free experience for both listing and finding medical spaces, allowing professionals to focus on what truly matters - their patients and practice.

Empowering Medical Professionals

Catering to a wide range of medical professionals, from seasoned experts to those new to the field, MediSquared is dedicated to easing the process of finding and leasing sessional spaces. We provide a flexible, cost-effective solution, especially beneficial for emerging practitioners, to help them grow their careers without the burden of long-term leases.

Supporting Landlords, Tenants, and Medical Professionals with Available Space

MediSquared invites landlords, sub-lessors, and medical professionals with available space in their suites to join our platform. We offer a simple, free way to list spaces for short-term leases, connecting you to a vast network of medical professionals in need. This not only optimises space use but also opens up additional revenue streams, making efficient use of medical real estate.