Our Story

I started MediSquared after noticing a growing demand for medical professionals seeking consulting rooms and medical suites for short-term/sessional bookings.

Having worked in the Commercial Property industry for over five years, specialising in office leasing. I began to see an increase in demand from medical professionals requiring sessional consulting rooms, treatment rooms, specialist rooms, and other medical-related rooms for rent on sessional bookings and short-term leasing.

After dealing with several specialists, surgeons, and other medical professionals, I began to enhance my understanding of how the medical industry operated and the benefits of leasing medical consulting rooms on a sessional basis.

After seeing a strong level of demand for sessional suites and medical consulting rooms, I discussed with many specialists, surgeons, and medical professionals usually located and booked rooms; I was shocked to discover that word of mouth was the primary way. There has to be a more seamless way of booking sessional rooms…

Who we are

MediSquared is an Australian-owned and operated start-up business, which began in 2021. We are an online marketplace that connects doctors, specialists, surgeons, and other medical-based professionals to landlords and Lessors to provide a fast, easy solution to book sessional consulting rooms for lease. 

MediSquared aims to create a platform that offers users a quick, seamless solution to booking and listing a medical-related room, so you can get on with the stuff that matters.

Who we benefit

1Medical Professionals

Whether you're an experienced specialist, surgeon, or just starting in the medical field, MediSquared has you covered. We specialise in connecting medical professionals to landlords and tenants looking to lease/sub-lease space on a sessional basis.

We aim to assist medical professionals by providing a seamless solution to lease medical-related rooms on a short-term basis.

MediSquared is an online platform that aims to help:

  1. Doctors
  2. Specialists
  3. Surgeons
  4. Allied health care professionals
  5. Medical professionals just starting out in the industry

We understand that many of the above medical practitioners have patients based in different regions, suburbs, and cities. MediSquared makes it easy for medical professionals to book medical-related rooms in different locations on a short-term basis to consult with these patients.

MediSquared also provides a simple solution for younger practitioners/specialists who are just starting out in the medical field. We understand that locking yourself into a long-term, traditional lease when you are just starting out would be a daunting thought. MediSquared offers a practical solution for medical professionals who are starting their career the opportunity to rent consulting rooms on a sessional basis. MediSquared provides a flexible, cost-effective solution to leasing space on a sessional basis, ultimately allowing you to focus more on your career.

2Landlords (lessors), and tenants (sub-lessors)

MediSquared provides a quick, easy solution for both lessors, and sub-lessors as it offers a seamless way to list your property for short-term sessional leases - for FREE.

Whether you own or lease a medical suite, medical centre, or have a vacant consulting room/medical suite available, MediSquared is the solution for you. We offer a platform that simply allows you to list and lease your medical-related suite on a short-term basis which provides a level of rental income for your property/tenancy. You’re in full control of your availability, prices, suite rules, and how you interact with guests.

MediSquared offers a seamless solution to upload your listing and lease your suite, tenancy, or room to medical professionals.