Dec 27, 21

Why Location Matters When Renting Medical Rooms

Renting a medical room on a short-term or per session basis is a great way to start testing out a new location.

For medical professionals, the vast majority of patients will be local to a certain area and it’s, therefore, important to find the right location for your business.

 Here are some things to consider when renting a medical room.

Is it easy to find?

These days most people use apps on their phones to navigate their way around. However, when you’re running a business you can’t afford your location to be hard to find.

 If possible, it’s great to be in a building that is very recognisable and convenient to get to. Particularly, in larger cities, medical rooms can be located in high rise buildings or in mixed-use commercial properties and they are not always easily found.


You need to be in a location that is easily accessible. This is particularly true if you’re going to be seeing a lot of older patients, who might not be able to get to difficult locations.

Here are some questions you need to ask. What are the parking options like? Is there plenty of parking for people with disabilities or parents with babies? Is it easy to reach with public transport? Are there lifts for those who can’t get upstairs?

These are important questions that many people ask themselves before they will even look to book an appointment.

Are there complimentary practices?

A great way to generate more business is by surrounding yourself with other practitioners that are complementary to your own.

If you are in a building or an office that doesn’t cater to medical professionals, it can be difficult to build a referral network or even get walk-ins.

Patients value being able to go to a ‘health hub’ where they are can find a range of different practitioners all in one location.

Good First Impression

As the saying goes, first impressions do count for a lot. You want to be in a location that is clean tidy and professional.

Patents want to feel comfortable and also know that they are being looked after to the highest standards. The entire building and location need to be presented well and regularly cleaned and maintained.