About Medisquared

MediSquared is an online marketplace that connects Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons and other medical based professionals to Landlords and Lessors to provide a fast, easy solution to book consulting/medical rooms for sessional bookings.
MediSquared allows landlords and tenants to upload and list their medical-related property for free. The landlords and tenants are in full control of their availability, prices, suite rules, amenities and how you interact with guests. Our innovative platform then allows medical professionals to locate and book a medical suite to suit their purpose at the push of a button.

  1. Medical Practitioners/Professionals, who:

    1. Need to work out of various locations.

    2. Need to work in rural or remote areas.

    3. Have just finished studying and are looking to grow their clientele base.

    4. Want to work flexibly and are not locked into a long-term lease.

    5. Need to rent a medical centre room on a short-term basis

    6. Need to rent a medical room on an hourly/sessional/daily basis

  2. Landlords, tenants, and investors, who:

    1. Have an available medical-related property for lease

    2. Have an available medical consulting room for lease

    3. Have an available medical centre for lease

    4. Have an available treatment room for lease

    5. Are thinking of investing in a medical centre

Listing Management

If you have a medical-related property/room that you would like to list for medical practitioners/professional guests using the platform, then you need to begin by creating an account as a host on the home page, or at: https://www.medisquared.com.au/register/
Once you have created an account as a host, you can log in and begin to create your listing for free. When creating a listing you will be prompted to upload several images of your property, set the rental asking price and provide a list of the amenities your medical suite/property has to offer. A great way to drive exposure to your listing is by adding more images and creating a description of the property and outlining which type of medical practitioner/specialist your suite targets.
MediSquared allows for complete flexibility when creating a listing. If your medical-related suite/room is only available on a certain day you can specify this day and make your suite available for rent. You are in complete control.
Yes, the host is able to accept or decline any booking offer.


MediSquared utilizes Stripe (https://stripe.com/au) as its primary payment provider. Stripe is one of the world's largest online payment providers and works with financial institutions, regulators, payment networks, banks, and consumer wallets to make payments simple, seamless, and quick.

The host receives payment to a nominated bank account as soon as the lessee (medical practitioner/professional) books and pays for the suite.